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The Harvey Built Difference

A home should be more than a box with a roof on it. However as I drive through many subdivisions that is how I would describe many of the new homes being built. They all look the same and lack wow factor. Nothing more than a glorified raincoat, yes they will keep you warm and dry and provide your basic elements for survival just as a cave did for early mankind, but approaching them from the road they lack street appeal and fail to conjure any emotion of wow factor that makes you excited that this is your home.

Hi, my name is Steve Harvey director of Harvey Built Homes Ltd. This is where Harvey Built Homes aims to excel!! The Harvey Built Difference is what we add to the mix in our design and build. Along with all the elements needed for a home that will last the generations, we also add a touch of exceptional with a bucket load of pride. If you are lucky enough to secure one of our homes, be ready for compliments galore for you would have secured a home that is different from the rest and will definitely be noticed. We are so passionate about it we have made it our company slogan. Exceptional Homes built with Pride

Exceptional means surpassing what is common or usual or expected.

Pride means a feeling of happiness that comes from achieving something.

As we create our homes indeed a real sense of achievement and happiness is felt as we stand back to admire a Home that definitely surpasses that which is usual or common.

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