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New Homes

Without question for most of us the purchase of a home whether existing, or a new build, will be our most expensive purchase we will make. With leaky homes and all sorts of horror stories out there the prospect of who to choose to build your dream home can understandably be a concerning prospect. With 30 years’ experience in residential building, A Business member of the Certified Builders Association and being trade qualified Harvey Built Homes guarantees to make the build process easy, exciting and enjoyable!! As it should be. From start to finish we will be flexible and friendly in our approach.

Harvey Built Homes can build your new home to your plans, or you may wish to have a closer look at our designs , alternatively we could get together and design a home from scratch, taylor made and custom designed especially for your needs as a family.

We can proudly say that we are specialists in new home builds

Custom Design

With sections in Auckland getting smaller and smaller, clever design is the name of the game. A Home design has to be designed around the section it will sit upon and not the other way around. If you have a house design you love but have not yet the land, unless it is a large section or lifestyle block you own, chances are  that the home will not fit the section. Things to consider in home design are:

Sun orientation.

Make the most of all day sun by putting living areas north facing if possible. This helps for the all-important warm and healthy home.

Use of land rules.

Even though Auckland Council is supposed to be one council their use of land land rules are different from suburb to suburb. These rules will have a big influence of what you can or can’t do with your home design.

Size of section.

With the footprint of your home only being allowed 35% site coverage in many areas section size has a large factor to play in the design of your home. In many cases to achieve a functional home with all the elements you want you will have to go two storied. More so now with land sizes around Auckland getting smaller and smaller.

Subdivision Covenant rules.

Before purchasing land ensure you are familiar with the subdivision covenants as these rules may conflict with the type of design and style you want in your new home.

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Extensions and Alterations

Do you love the home and location where you live but your home is not quite meeting your needs as a family anymore. The obvious solution is to alter or extend your Home. Whilst Harvey Built Homes specialises mainly in new builds we do the occasional extension if we can fit it in. If we cant we will definitely be able to recommend some great building companies to help.