Our Guarantee Offer

Halo 10 Year Residential Guarantee


Build with complete peace of mind

When you build with an approved member of New Zealand Certified Builders, you’re protected by New Zealand’s most comprehensive 10 year building guarantee – Halo

How does it Work?

The application for your Halo 10 year residential guarantee insurance will be made by your NZCB member at the time you complete the building contract.  You will receive confirmation of your application acceptance and policy document shortly after the building contract is signed – generally well before the building work starts.

Are there different types of guarantee?

No.  The application process is made easy because the one guarantee policy has been specifically designed to cover any type of work being undertaken, be it under a New Home Full Building contract, an Additions or Alterations Contract for your home, or if you are entering a Labour Only contract with your NZCB member.

Policy Benefits

Halo 10 Year Residential Guarantee Insurance provides maximum peace of mind for homeowners, covering:-

  • Loss of deposits if the builder doesn’t start the building work
  • Losses if the builder starts but doesn’t complete the building work
  • 10 years cover for the full contract price for structural defects including weather tightness issues, once the building works have been completed
  • 10 years cover for the full contract price, for non-structural defects once the building works have been completed

If for whatever reason your builder fails to complete the building or rectify the defect, we will step in and fix the problem.  The cover extends not only to fixing any defects but also any damage to existing structures caused by the defect

Additional Policy Benefits

Halo 10 Year Residential Guarantee Insurance also provides cover to property owners for:-

  • Sub-Contractors and Suppliers: Where the NZCB member is the head contractor, defects arising from materials and work supplied by sub-contractors and suppliers are insured
  • Other Damage: The cost to repair other damage to the house caused by the defect, up to the full policy sum insured
  • Alternative Accommodation Expenses: Up to 6 months’s reasonable alternative accommodation expenses whilst the house is being repaired
  • Professional Fees: Surveyors, engineers, legal and other fees necessarily incurred to rectify the defect
  • Guarantee Transfer: The insurance automatically transfers to any subsequent owners of the house, giving them protection also
  • Simple Application: Simply sign the application your NZCB member has completed.  No other documentation is needed

Please refer to the Halo 10 Year Residential Guarantee Policy, a copy of which can be downloaded from bwrs.co.nz for full details of the Policy Coverage and Additional Benefits.