About Us

Steve Harvey

Hi my name is Steve

When I left school I applied for a job as builder’s labourer. Being the successful applicant I had my first taste of building. Little did I know at the time 30 years later I would still be doing the same thing, Residential building.

I am a second generation builder, following in my Dads footsteps. I was fortunate to have spent a lot of time with him on many jobs over the years, learning from him and developing the same skills he had.

In 1998 I left the security of a full time job working for a boss to go self-employed. I have built many homes over the years from small 140m2 to much larger architectural designs for developers and housing companies. However in my heart I was wanting more. In fact the same thing my Dad dreamed of, to design and build my own homes!! These feelings of dissatisfaction have been pivotal to where Harvey Built Homes is today. I can happily say I have been fortunate enough to fulfil the dream. I along with my business partner who also happens to be my wife have now proudly designed and built many of our own homes, single level, split level and two storied.

My Father has had a big influence in my building career. Hard economic times and 7 children to feed had a big part to play in him not being able to fulfil some of his dreams in the building industry. With his “anything to keep food on the plate” mentality, I saw this masterful builder door knocking selling clothes to make ends meet. He told me one day on the job maybe I could fulfil what he was not able to realise. In 2009 at his funeral I spoke words to that affect. As I continue in the industry my father loved, I do so always with him in mind, fulfilling the dream he was not able to realise. Doing my best to deliver excellence and also make dad proud.

With 30 years’ experience, being trade qualified and belonging to the certified builders association. Harvey built homes in every respect is well equipped to deliver your building needs.

Christy Harvey

Hi there, my name is Christy

Steve and I met during my nursing training and we married in 1998.  While nursing at Middlemore I worked as a Charge Nurse for a number of years as well as working in the community as a Public Health Nurse. The administration skills I have acquired during my nursing years have helped in the running of our day to day business.

Along with Steve we have always loved the character and charm of yesteryear and love to integrate these features into a home with all the modern conveniences.  Being a builder’s wife we have lived in multiple houses and I understand layout and function for family living.   Over the last 10 years in between other projects we have built and designed many different homes.  Each   has different character features from stain glass, windows, fretwork, panelled walls and gable details, mixing the old with the new, to create houses that stand out from the rest.  It gives me great pleasure coming up with a concept and seeing it come to fruition with Steve’s building skills and craftsmanship.

I no longer nurse and  spend more time in the business while also caring for our young son and part time for my nephew, who hopefully will be our future apprentices.